The Ottawa Beer Club

The Ottawa Beer Club is a group of friends and beer enthusiasts.  While our history of drinking and enjoying nature's greatest gift goes way back, we began meeting as a club in March of 2011.  Our goal?  Expand our beer horizons.   

Every meeting is hosted by one of our members, and we each take a turn.  The host chooses the theme and supplies the beer, and any food they wish.  We discuss the breweries, the type of beer, and rate the beer.  We've used a couple different scorecards, but we have currently settled on using the Beer Judge Certification Program and American Homebrewers Association Score Card.  We do not have a set schedule, we meet when time permits.  This is usually once a month.

Our ranks include ten people currently, with a couple honorary members abroad.  We are a small club with no aspirations of growing at this time.  That being said, we strongly encourage people to start their own clubs, and hey, we'll even give you some pointers on how to best get started.   

Our members have a variety of interests in the wide world of beer.  Some of us are avid bloggers and write regular posts about beers, pubs and the craft beer community.  Others are interested in the brewing process, and we have a couple homebrewers amongst us.  Others still are simply in it for the love of beer.

We invite you to stop by our site regularly.  As we're sure you've already seen, we have plenty of posts about all sorts of topics beer-related.  We are also very active on our social media pages, both Twitter and Facebook.  If you'd like to hear from us and what we're up to in the beer world, click the links above and Follow/Like us.  We promise you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for stopping by!   Sincerest regards,

The Ottawa Beer Club