Most Popular Beer by Country

If you were expecting anything good from this link you will be disappointed, especially if your name is Nick. But disappointing as it may be, it does make sense. The big brands are big for a reason, they push a lot of product, and have ton of customers. And while we may know better, it is worth remembering that for most people beer is dedication to a single brand. But this link also shows  there is plenty of room for craft beer to grow, and people to enlighten.  So here it is, a map of the world with each countries most people beer. Look on it as a challenge.

Countries Favourite Beers

Beer broken down into 7 flavour categories

If you were to categorize the beer you drink by flavour how would you do it? How many categories would you come up with? And what food would you pair with each category?

Well has done just this, and they came up with 7 categories with food pairings to match. And I think their choices have merit. At the very least their list is a good primer on what food to serve with a particular style of beer. This article is definitely worth a look.

7 categories of beer and how to pair them.

100 American Craft Beers

Paste Magazine lists 100 american craft beers that you have to try

They get extra points for putting all 100 on the same page, a rarity in today's ad supported internet. Other sites would have broken the list into 10 pages, generating more ad revenue and annoying the reader at the same time. Always nice to see a site break from this.

Incidentally I'm drinking #52 while writing this, and I can confirm it is delicious.

Ommegang introduces next Game of Thrones Beer - Take The Black Stout

The next Game of Thrones beer has been uncovered, and its a stout. The first Game of Thrones beer, the Iron Throne Blonde Ale was very tasty. Looking forward to sampling the next one. 

According to the article Take The Black stout will be on shelves starting the end of September.