A letter of introduction

Hey there! First post from a member of the OBC! My name's James, but you can call me Jim, Jimmy Boy, Jay Bizzle, or... the list goes on, pick one.

What you can expect from me is random, inconsistent posts about a beer I drank, a place where I drank a beer, or a beer that I drank at a place that I like to drink beer.

 My Top 3 Beers of all time (after much lengthy discussion at our last meeting):
3- Heineken - although I haven't drank this beer in many years due to a string of skunky bottles, this beer will always hold a special place in my heart. Memories of times long past will always resurface anytime I see a bottle of this stuff.
2- Mill Street Stock Ale - this is one of my go-to's. I can drink it in the summer on a hot day, in the winter on a cold day when I'm warming up with a bowl of spicy chili, and anywhere in between. I just love this beer.
1- Wellington's Russian Imperial Stout - What can I say? Best beer brewed by man. This is the pinnacle of everything I look for in a beer.

 Maybe I'll talk more about those one day, but I'll keep this post brief, and leave room for other members to introduce themselves.

Drop me a line on Twitter anytime! You can find me under the tag @Jay_Bizzle.

Jimmy Boy out!