Watson's Mill Beer Tasting

So, one of the OBC members came to us earlier this week with a nice little find: Watson's Mill is doing a Beer Tasting.

What is Watson's Mill, you ask?  Well, if you live in the Ottawa region, shame on you for not knowing about this historical landmark.  If - like me - you lived or currently live in the Manotick area, you know it well.  I'll let you, our intelligent readers, read up on them over on their website (linked below.)

Anyway, back to the beer tasting.  It's a fundraising event to help support the Mill in it's 150th year.  $30 gets you in for all sorts of great times: beer sampling, chatting with various Ontario craft brewery representatives, dancing, live music, and more!  Several members of the OBC will be attending, and you should too!

Be sure to check out Watson's Mill on their website, their Facebook Page and on Twitter: @WatsonsMill.

See you there!