Wellington Brewery - Some Recent One-Offs

Over the last few weeks I've had the pleasure of trying out several of Welly's one-offs.  Instead of posting about them individually, I decided to go with one long-ass post.  So let's get started in no particular order.

First on deck:

Terrestrial India Brown Ale!

I was lucky to sample this at one of our favorite watering holes, Ottawa's own Arrow & Loon.  The manager was great enough to let us know he had a few he'd been saving, and we happily jumped on the opportunity since we missed out when they were released.

This came in a 473mL can, and had a 5.9% alc./vol.  It pours an opaque brown with a thin light beige head and thick lacing.  The biggest thing about the nose on this was the fresh grassy hop with some light caramel undertones.  Bitter hops hit the tongue and it finishes with a strong earthy malt.  There are also some light citrus notes mixed in between.  The mouthfeel is smooth with medium carbonation and little-to-no coating.  Overall it was a good brown ale and I was glad to have caught it when the A&L had some left.

Onto the next:


Again, sampled at the Arrow & Loon just recently when we thought it would be unattainable!

5.5% alc./vol.  Pours copper-red with a thin white head and little lacing.  The nose has a powerful combination of wheat, yeast and grain, with mild undertones of rye and caramel.  Caramel malts become much more apparent in the taste and the rye remains very mild.  There's another sweetness there, maybe a touch of vanilla?  You also get a strong bitterness mixed in with earthy hops.  The carbonation was light, and the body was medium with a smoothness that's a little surprising given the bitterness.  It was quite interesting, I can't say that I've had it's like before so I don't have much to compare it to, but I really enjoyed it.

And now an intermission:


Everyone, say hello to Bosco.  He's some kind of... dog... thing.  Don't ask me what kind.  He's my mom's dog, and I took this picture when I took care of him last year, and this picture was still on my phone.  Happy Mom?  Your dog is now internet famous.  Which means a few people on the internet will go "D'awwwww, he's so cute!" ...then promptly forget about him after they see another ninety-four animal pictures by their first coffee break of the day.

Alright, intermission's over, back to the good stuff!

Boot Chuck I.P.A.!

I've mentioned this before, but one of our good friends happens to live down in Guelph.  Even more convenient for us is the fact that he's a stone's throw away from the Welly.  So when we knew we'd be seeing him a few weeks ago on a trip to Montreal, we made sure he brought us the current Welly One-Off.

I didn't take notes, so I'm running purely on memory here, and this old thing isn't running so smoothly.   This, like the Rye-it! was a 5.5% alc./vol.  It pours an opaque amber with thick white head and medium lacing.  Good blend of malt and hop in the nose with a very strong citrus tone.  Slightly bitter hoppy taste with more of the malt and citrus.  Smooth mouthfeel, medium carbonation, bitter lingering aftertaste.  A nice take on an I.P.A.  Fingers crossed on this still being available when I'm in Guelph this weekend!

Next up:

Spaltacus Imperial Golden Ale!

This is a fairly recent one-off that I had the pleasure of sampling when I was last in the G-town, back in June.  I couldn't buy any at the time, because some jerk (who shall go unnamed... okay, it was the OBC's own Nick) cleared out their entire fridge and wouldn't let me buy any.  Okay, maybe he's not such a jerk, because he saved a few for me and brought them over last week.

This golden ale weighs in at a hefty 8.5% alc./vol.  Golden hue with a very light cloudiness, with a thick white head and minimal lacing.  Herbal hop, earthy malts, and hints of pepper and grapefruit in the nose.  You get a bit of the pepper in the taste, which adds a little spice to the bitter hops.  There's a strong booze finish to it (what did you expect from an 8.5%?) that you can really feel travel from the back of your mouth and down your throat.  This ale was exceptionally smooth.  A great strong beer that I hope they do again one day.

Lastly, not a One-Off, but something definitely worth mentioning:

Cask Imperial Russian Stout!

At the cask session that kicked off the recent National Capital Craft Beer Week at the Arrow & Loon, Wellington brought casks of two of our favorites: the Arkell Best Bitter and the Imperial Russian Stout. I won't say much, since I've gone on about the Imperial Russian Stout many times... but do yourselves a favour: if you ever see this on cask anywhere, get it.  I just read a tweet that it will be available very soon at Brothers Beer Bistro.

So there you have it, my take on a few one-offs.  I'd love to hear from my fellow Welly fans.  What's your favorite Welly One-Off?  What would you like to see them do next?