The Inaugural OBC Blog Post

Hello!  And welcome to the OBC's little corner of the internet.  We're glad to have you stop by and join us as we venture into the big wide world of social media. About us: We're a group of Greater Ottawa Area lads who simply love beer.  (Yes, I said lads.  No ladies have made their way into our ranks yet.)  We're a club that meets on a regular basis to enjoy one of life's greatest joys: Beer.  Every member takes a turn hosting the club, and that host chooses the theme for the evening.  We then drink beer, discuss it, and rate it (what we use to rate our beers will follow.)  The OBC started meeting early 2011 and has continued to grow since it's inception.  We look forward to bringing you news in the world of beer, reviews of beers recently featured in our gatherings, articles from around the 'net, and much more. Stay tuned as we begin building our online presence.  Come follow us on Twitter: @OttawaBeerClub.  This is a great place to link up with other beer enthusiasts in the Ottawa area, as well as find some great brewers and pubs.  Currently in the works:  A Facebook page.  This blog site (obviously!)  And other online initiatives.  

So again, stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by!

-Jim Kempster, OBC VP of High Fives and Awesomeness.