Beer and baseball, Japan style

When asked what sport goes best with beer most people think of hockey..or football...or soccer..or...well actually beer goes with pretty much any sport. In fact I would say it is impossible to enjoy a good bonspiel without frosty brew in your hand. But I'm getting away from my point. If there is a sport that almost requires having a beer it would have to be baseball. The two have a long history together, and sometimes there can be nothing better on a warm summer evening than going out to the park, and taking in the game over a few pints.

There is a country that loves both beer and baseball, and no I'm not talking about the U.S. I'm thinking of Japan. Because while in North America you need to drag yourself out of your seat and up to the concourse to get a frosty draft beer, in Japan they do things a little different. No, instead of you going to the draft beer, the draft beer comes to you, strapped to the back of Japanese beer girl. You have to wonder what they will think of next.