it blue in here?

I was kicking around cyberspace today and happened upon a post that really hit home.   It was at one of my newest and currently most beloved spots to stop by and check out,   It was in the ever insightful, always informative Blog of thirst for knowledge's resident Beer guru Roger Mittage, professor of all things Beer.   I won't go into the specifics of the post, I'll let you do that yourselves, but I will say it brought up COLD FILTERING.

Sweet Mother of God!   COLD freaking FILTERING!   Let me hit you with some knowledge.   ALL BEER IS COLD FILTERED!   All of it.   Filtering beer by nature is done cold.   For those that are thinking, wait a minute, he's wrong, they actually do cold filter.   They lower the temperature of the beer while filtering so that the protein molecules will clump together and therefore make it easier to filter the beer.   Well, thank you professor science, I'm acquainted with the process, but what does it have to do with the taste?!!   Many beer commercials would have you believe that cold filtering makes the beer ever so much tastyer.   Like the crisp cold taste of the mountains themselves!   Since when is COLD a taste.   I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.   Cold isn't a taste, it's a temperature.   Cold is winter in Ottawa.   Cold is drinking the last IPA when you didn't pay.   Cold is my ex girlfriend.   It most certainly is not the taste of beer.   And it sure as shit isn't shipped that way.   The brewer didn't give you cold beer, your fridge did.   The bartender should get a nickel every time he serves a cold beer.   He's delivering on a promise some jackhole marketing hump threw at the consumer in the hopes the average mindless simpleton would believe that the beer itself is actually infused with coldness.   Blue mountains?   So I know it's cold??   Are you joking?   I know it's cold, I can tell by the way my hand goes numb when I put it in the cooler.   You don't want colder beer.   Cold is the enemy of taste.   The colder the beer, the less likely you are to taste the full  flavour of the beer.  It doesn't have to be ice cold to be enjoyed.   I mean, I like a frosty brew just as much as the next guy, but don't you wanna taste that beer?   Don't you want to savour the subtle undertones in the flavour.   Don't you want to experience all the complexity a beer can offer.   Many brewers pour their heart and souls into this blessed beverage we call beer.   I want to experience the payoff of all that hard work.   I mean, if you're drinking to get drunk have at 'er.   Pack that shit in dry ice.   Handle only with pincers and welder's gloves.   Just don't lick the can.   Me, I'll take a beer that prides itself on taste, not temp.