Big Rig's service was the gold standard.

Big Rig Brewery. Another destination in Ottawa's growing myriad of Brew Pubs and Craft Beer destinations. When I heard this place was opening up I was excited. Coming on the heels of the Mill Street brew Pub I thought it was encouraging to see the beer market really opening up in Ottawa.

This Pub is partly owned by none other than Ottawa hockey hero Chris Phillips. Nicknamed "Big Rig" Chris decided to lend his moniker to the Pub. I'm told that Chris eventually hopes to provide all of the hops used at the brew pub from his farm in Manotik. It's a great story for a local spot.

The inside is all open concept. A large central bar dominates the room as you enter with plenty of seating throughout the rest of the Pub. The brew house stands gleaming at the far end of the building on display behind a glass enclosure.

We were seated quickly and got down to business. Flights were ordered for the table and consisted of 4 beers a piece. A review of the 4 beers we scored will follow in the next few posts. The menu was interesting with old favorites and new additions to your standard Pub fare. Overall the food was good. We ordered nachos that had a healthy amount of toppings. A burger graced our table that had two grill cheeses for a bun. I'm told this is an awesome meal. You would think that the grill cheese would be too much but I'm told it was done very well and the grill cheese effect was subtle and not to heavy or overwhelming. I had a chicken sandwich that was a little dry and underwhelming in the flavor department but was still passing fair.

Due to the open concept of the building it was quite noisy in the dining area. We were trying to do some reviewing so a lot of shouting was taking place at our table. This did detract from the general good feel of the place but it was all saved by one man. Our server Kyle.

Kyle was incredible. I have not experienced service like this in Ottawa. He took our orders quickly and efficiently. The food arrived promptly and was piping hot. He returned several times during the meal to verify we had everything we needed and to make sure we were happy with everything he had brought. He also let us know any time he was leaving the section to ensure we weren't looking around for him. I have never had a server take that much care in the tables he is waiting on. He made food suggestions and helped make some beer suggestions. His knowledge of the establishment and beer they brewed was impressive. He was enthusiastic and honest throughout the night and made us feel like we were being taken care of rather then waited on. At the end of the night he took a few minutes to chat beer with us and we thanked him for the great service. 

Overall Big Rig was a very satisfying experience. The beer was decent, the food was good and the service was fantastic.