Shock Top - Belgian White

My very tall and handsome friend Matt and I sat down on a sunny afternoon to enjoy a few brews out on a patio.  We ended up down at the Aulde Dubliner, in the heart of the market in downtown Ottawa. 

Before I get into what we drank, I have a quick story to tell.  One of the wait-staff had a tattoo on her right ankle and it made us geek out just a little bit (well, I might have geeked out more than Matty, but that's not the point.)  This 20-something gorgeous hostess had a tattoo of the Triforce of Power from Zelda.  How awesome is that?  I should have gotten a picture for you all.  Wait, in retrospect, that probably would have been a little creepy.  Anyway, it was totally cool.

Now onto our review!  We ended up ordering a couple Belgian Whites from Shock Top. 


Just take a look at that.  The presentation is just gorgeous: a cloudy, golden orange with a thin white head.  The lacing is as expected for a Wit: non-existant.  It's aroma has a heavy citrus nose to it blended with wheat and hops.  The flavour holds much of the bitter citrus from the nose, while the grainy hops isn't nearly as strong as expected from the nose.  You get light carbonation in the mouthfeel with a smooth coating of the tongue.

Our final thoughts?  In Matt's words: This is a great "gateway" wit.  If you've never had a wit, this will help you appreciate this style of beer.  It cuts back just enough on the graininess that you typically get in more traditional Belgian Whites, allowing you to appreciate it as a smooth and refreshing summer beer.  My only suggestion: if it's served to you with an orange slice (which it usually is,) be sure to sample the brew on it's own first.  An orange slice really increases the citrus notes, which might not be for everyone.