Review: Black Creek Historic Brewery - Pumpkin Ale

With the fall season fast approaching and the craft beer community buzzing with anticipation over seasonals, I thought it was time to sit down and enjoy a Pumpkin Ale.
Yes, my camera work needs improvement.  
slightly off-centered picture never hurt anyone.

My first Pumpkin Ale of the season was from Black Creek Historic Brewery.  These folks pride themselves on doing everything the old fashioned way.  Mirroring how beer was brewed in the 1860s, they use equipment made mostly of wood and copper, age all of their beer in wooden barrels, and do everything in between by hand.

What makes this whole process even better is that their brewery is a part of a heritage pioneer village northwest of Toronto.  A fully recreated 1860s village!  I know what I'll be doing on my next trip down to the GTA.
There we go, a slightly better picture.  Slightly.  No?
Fine!  You take the picture next time, wise guy (or girl!)

I picked this up at the LCBO.  It weighs in at an even 5.0% alc./vol.  As you can tell, the bottle is uniquely shaped.  It carries an even 500mL.

An opaque brown with orange highlights fills the glass as you pour it.  Two fingers of off-white head forms with little in the way of retention and thin lacing.  Spicy pumpkin hits the nose, with hints of grassy hops.  The first thing you get from the flavour is some of the pumpkin from the nose, with the spices quickly following and overtaking it.  The best way I could describe the spices would be cinnamon, cloves and pepper.  Those spices, especially the pepper, also have a light lingering aftertaste.  The mouthfeel is pretty light with low carbonation.

Overall impression?  It's a good representation of the style, with a little less pumpkin flavour than what you find in other pumpkin beers.  And to be honest, I'd never sampled anything from Black Creek before today.  After doing my research and enjoying this ale, I'm definitely curious to try out some of their other brews.  I guess it's back to the LCBO for me.

What a great way to start the fall season.  Cheers @BlackCreekBeer!