Review: StoneHammer - Dark Ale

In a recent trip to Guelph, we stopped by the lovely Baker Street Station for a few tasty brews on a beautiful summer's eve.  It was sufficient that we were in good company, sitting outside and had cold beers in hand.  However, this experience was on a whole other level.  The company was better than good, it was fantastic (let's face it, pounding back a few brews with our crew is always a good time.)  The venue was great - honestly, Baker Street is a phenomenal local pub that has a great set up and an even better patio.  And the beers?  Spectacular selection!  Everything from Spearhead to GLB to F&M Stonehammer.

And that's what we're here to talk about tonight:  F&M Stonehammer's Dark Ale.


That's the best I could do with my iPhone out on the patio at 10pm.

Let's get down to business.  This dark ale was served on tap and the alc./vol. is an even 5%.  It pours a deep chocolate brown with a thick offwhite head and medium lacing.

The nose carries a strong roasted chocolate malt coupled lightly with earthy hops.

Strong dark chocolate notes carry into the flavour.  The roasted malts from the nose translate into a nut-like tone that goes very well with the chocolate notes.  It finishes with the light earthy hops you would expect from the nose.

The carbonation was low in this creamy medium-bodied ale.

Overall impression?  Well, by now I'm sure we all know that I love my dark ales.  Does this hold up to some of my favourites?  Absolutely.  This is a great representation of an English Dark Ale.  I will gladly go out of my way to pick it up in bottles and cans, or better yet I will most definitely order one on tap the next time I find it.

If you're like me and enjoy dark ales, do yourself a favour and give this one a try.  You won't be disappointed.

Cheers to Baker Street for their great hospitality, and cheers to F&M for brewing such a fantastic dark ale.