A Beer I drank...

Well, I've seen all the hubbub on Twitter. Kesington Brewery has been beating the drum about their Augusta Ale for months. I've laughed out loud at Kensington's beer delivery service. It's a Vespa for those not familiar with their ridiculous pics. There's just something hysterical about a beer cask on a vehicle the size of my shoe.  I know I'm a little late to the party, but bear with me. I headed to the LCBO to grab myself some Augusta Ale and here I am to bring my thoughts to anyone with 2 minutes to kill. 


Right from the shelf this beer had curb appeal. That can pops! One of my good buddies buys beer by label alone, and this one would definitely fit the profile. Their labelling is great. Being a Hophead I was very encouraged by the giant hop on the back of the can. Additionally, the slogan "Drink Good Beer" should be put on a flag and flown over my house.      


Now, enough with the packaging, let's get to the good stuff.

At first gulp this beer is a crisp and smooth selection. As I attack my next gulp...oh yeah, I'm a gulper, don't know how to sip, I'm told it must be genetic...anyway, as I dive into my next gulp I take a moment to enjoy the rich hoppyness of this beer. It doesn't pop like an IPA but is rather a consistent hop bitterness all the way through the mouthful. It's interesting that it's so smooth and even refreshing for how hoppy it is. As I dive in for a third mouthful I get the citrus notes you come to expect from any real hoppy beer. There's also some definite roast malt completing the taste. I find I'm taking my gulps fairly close together. A good sign for me. I like this beer! It's really complete. The hops are delivered consistently all the way through, with some maltyness rounding out the flavour. Did I mention I like this beer? As I sit here typing these words, I look at the empty can forlornly knowing it won't refill itself. 

This is a great beer, complete and tasty. If you like hops but don't a want a bitter face crusher this is the beer for you. High drink-ability and definite second can appeal.   

This is a beer I drank. I enjoyed and so should you. 


He was a wise man who invented beer.

 - Plato