Review: Mill Street Vanilla Porter

Now available in cans!  How.  Awesome.  Is.  That?!  Very awesome, rest assured.   Well, after that intro, what's the point of a review?  I'm not sure... but let's do one anyway!

As stated above, you can now pick this up in 440mL cans at the LCBO for $2.90/can.

It pours a very dark brown with a mahogany tinge and two fingers of thick and creamy tan-coloured head. 

The aroma is very strong vanilla with some light roasted malts and coffee notes.  Probably one of the strongest vanilla smells I've ever experienced in a beer.

Vanilla carries over well into the flavor, although not as strong as it comes across in the aroma, I actually got a very light note of chocolate and some (the boys are going to love this...) breadiness.  The malts are very subtle. 

The mouthfeel is creamy but light-bodied with little coating.

Overall, this is a very straightforward beer with no complexity to speak of.  It's all vanilla.  I have a hard time really calling it a porter, it's missing the typical smokey/roasted malts and is definitely more creamy and less full-bodied than your standard porter.  That being said, it's still quite delicious and I'm glad I picked up several cans when I did.  It's a great dessert beer and something I'll keep coming back to.

Score?  While it's not necessarily true to the porter style in some key aspects, I still really enjoy it and would recommend it to anyone getting into craft beer.  That being said, 3.5/5.

Thanks for reading!