Review: Ashton Brewing Company - Vanilla Stout

I recently had the opportunity to attend the last Brewery Market of 2013, and I had a blast.  Eight breweries were in attendance with a wide range of brews to choose from.  One of the beers I was anticipating the most was Ashton's Vanilla Stout, and while I have the beer still fresh in my mind I figured I'd jot down my thoughts on it.

You'll find this on tap at various craft beer locations around town and you can also get it in growlers right from the source

It pours a very dark brown, almost black.  The head is a thick and creamy beige with good retention and fine lacing. 

Vanilla is subtly blended with some dark, roasted chocolate maltiness in the aroma. 

All of that carries very well into the flavor, although I get the roastiness a little more powerfully up front, followed by the sweetness of the vanilla and chocolate and finishing up with a light bitterness in the end.  It all flows and blends very well together. 

The mouthfeel is creamy and full-bodied with a thick coating of the tongue. 

Overall, this stout is just as good as I remember it last year.  It's something I would definitely order if it was on tap and I'd even go out of my way to pick up a growler of it on occasion, too.  All in all, this scores a solid 4/5.