Review: Brewery Ommegang - Hennepin Farmhouse Saison

After enjoying the Game of Thrones-inspired Iron Throne blonde ale earlier this year, I was intrigued by this N.Y. brewery and looking forward to trying more of their line.  I didn't think we'd see anything from them up here, I had just assumed that the Iron Throne was in such huge demand that it'd be the only time we see anything from Brewery Ommegang. Well, I was wrong.  Having been impressed by the first beer I tried, I was eager to see how something they brew year round would be.


I picked this up in a 4-pack of 355mL bottles from the LCBO for $12.95

It pours a hazy and murky yellow straw colour with about two inches of thick, soapy white head.  The retention is good and there's some nice lacing. 

There's some distinct spiciness in the nose; mostly cloves and pepper.  Coriander, brown sugar and ginger can also be picked up in there.  I can also smell some orange citrus and banana notes alongside what smells like lightly toasted bread.

The flavor notes are as equally complex as the aroma.  It's definitely spice-heavy up front which quickly moves to light notes of orange, banana and sweetness, then ending in a sharp grainy and hop bitterness that doesn't stick around. 

Mouthfeel is light bodied, with some medium to high carbonation.  Very crisp and refreshing. 

Overall, great saison.  I really enjoy the complexity while at the same time being a very sessionable beer.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what else we get from these folks up here in Ontario... maybe we'll see the next Game of Thrones-inspired beer, Take the Black stout?  Fingers crossed!  

Oh yeah, the score! 4.5/5.