Review: Cassel Brewery - Sleeper Car Double Chocolate Porter

The club recently visited Cassel Brewery for a tour and full tasting.  (I snapped a few shots of the tour and put them up on our Facebok page, check 'em out.)  I have to admit, this was probably the most engaging and informative brewery tour I have ever attended.  The Cassel boys were extremely engaged, personable and passionate about what they do.  They run their business like an open book; if you have a question about it, they'll answer it.  Anything from brewing ingredients and methods to cost of bottling and distributing, Mario will tell you all about it. 

Running the full gambit of their current line (IPA, Red, Honey Brown, Stout and Double Chocolate Porter) really opens your eyes to what Cassel is all about: high quality craft beer.  While I had sampled most of their beers at some point since they opened last year, the Sleeper Car was a new one for me.  The samples hooked me enough to buy a couple bottles at the end of the night, and here I am to write a review for you.

The Sleeper Car is available in 500mL bottles directly at the brewery.  It weighs in at an impressive 8.2% alc./vol.  This porter pours a very dark, opaque brown.  Head is beige and a little thicker than one would expect from a porter, but not much.  The aroma has some very strong dark chocolate tones that blend with some roasted and burnt malts.  Bittersweet dark chocolate dominates the flavor and blends in very well with the burnt/roasted malt characteristics.  There's also some faint coffee bitterness mixed in with some light caramel undertones.  For an 8.2% porter, the booziness is mellowed out very, very well.  The mouthcoating is exactly what one would expect in a porter; medium-full bodied with an average level of carbonation.  Overall, this porter is killer.  The up-front chocolate flavors just do it for me.  As we were driving back from Casselman I was regretting having only bought two bottles, and after cracking one open to write this review I'm regretting it even more, I definitely wish I had a case of this now.  This has to be one of the best porters I've had this year.  4.5/5.