Review: Beau's - Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale

Having recently tried this ale at Beau's Oktoberfest, I was very excited to hear about it coming to the LCBO.   Brewed with interesting ingredients such as dried heather flowers, cranberries and maple syrup, there's lots to get excited about.  Let's dive right in and see how this baby goes down.

This was picked up in a 600mL bottle from the LCBO for $4.85.  It's a pale ale with a 5.6% alc./vol. 

It pours a hazy golden amber with a medium amount of white coloured head.  Aroma is citrusy with some very distinct herbal hop notes and sweet caramel and berry tones.  There's a dry feel in the nose, can't quite describe it, but it's there.  The flavor is very much akin to the aroma.  I get some graininess alongside the fruity and caramel sweetness.  The dry feel comes through with the herbal hop notes and there's a lingering light bitterness at the end.  High carbonation, medium bodied, nice mouthcoating with the aforementioned lingering bitterness.  This is a very interesting pale ale.  It's quite complex with nothing overpowering the overall feel of the beer, making it quite sessionable.  

I'll admit this wasn't my favorite beer on tap at Oktoberfest.  I'm not saying it was on the bad side - let's face the facts, nothing was bad there - but it just didn't stand out.  However, this bottle definitely stands out, both because the actual bottle is cool-looking and what's in the bottle is awesome.  I could see this fast becoming my go-to weekend beer.