Review: Beau's - The Tom Green Beer!

Several breweries have been doing collaborations with celebrities lately.  Recently we've seen Robinsons Brewery with Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, Flying Monkeys with City and Colour and Flying Monkeys again with The Barenaked Ladies.  It seems to be an idea growing in popularity as of late.

Well, Ottawa's own Tom Green and Beau's decided to join the brewing party with a milk stout simply and elegantly called The Tom Green Beer!  So just in time for international stout day, I decided to crack open a bottle and post a review on it.


This pours a dark brown that is almost black with a nice thick beige head with good retention and little lacing.  The aroma is predominantly burnt malts, fresh grain and sweet milk chocolate.  I get all that in the flavour and it balances well.  I was worried that the burnt notes in the nose would overpower everything else, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was mellowed out very well with the creamy milk and sweet chocolate notes.  There is also a pronounced coffee bitterness that lingers lightly in the aftertaste.  This is definitely a full-bodied beer and the mouthfeel is a little creamier than a standard stout, but on par with a few other milk stouts I've had in the past.  All in all I really enjoy this beer and really couldn't ask for anything else from it.  If you see this at the LCBO, do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle (or three.)

 Available at the LCBO for $4.85/600mL bottle.

Thanks for reading!