Review: Dieu du Ciel! Moralité

Before I even start discussing this beer, I have to admit that my opinion is biased. Dieu Du Ciel is one of my favourite breweries, and American IPAs are one of my favourite styles, so I had a great feeling about this beer before even trying it. It did not disappoint.


Moralité is Dieu Du Ciel's new American IPA, and is not to be confused with Corne Du Diable, which is their English IPA. The most noticeable difference between the two is that Moralité has more hops, in a BIG way. Moralité was brewed by Dieu Du Ciel with Vermont's Alchemist brewery, which produces the legendary Heady Topper IPA. Considering this, it's no surprise that Moralité is a veritable hop bomb.

The first thing that hits you upon opening the bottle is the hop aroma. It cannot be missed. The smell is very citrusy with a hint of earthy and tropical fruit hops. You don't even need to put the glass to your nose to get the smell, it comes right to you. Beer afficionados will know that this beer is an IPA right away. There's no mystery here, Moralité smells like an extreme IPA.


The appearance of the beer is textbook IPA. The colour is light orange, and a fair bit cloudy. It pours with a thin white head that fades away quickly. The only knock against this beer may just be that its head is minimal and fades away too quickly.


The mouthfeel of the beer is medium. As with the scent, the overwhelming flavour of the beer is citrus. The carbonation of the beer is minimal, which really allows the flavour of the hops to shine through. Some may even say that this beer tastes like it was poured from a cask. The finish of the beer is very dry and bitter, so Moralité will definitely not be considered sessionable. The alcohol level is 6.9%, but you would never know it. 


Although I think very highly of this beer, it will not appeal to everyone. The citrus flavour may be too extreme for some as it clearly dominates the flavour profile. For me though, Moralité deserves its position among Canada's best IPAs. If you like IPAs like Muskoka's Mad Tom or Central City's Red Racer, this beer should be next on your list to try.


I picked this up in a six pack for $13 at Bières du Monde in Aylmer.