Review: Cameron's Rye Pale Ale

The backyard reviews are back!  Hello!  Thanks for stopping by and checking out the first backyard review of 2013!  Today I'm sitting down and jotting down my thoughts on Cameron's RPA.   

First: who is Cameron's Brewing Company?  They're an Oakville based brewery established in 1997.  Visit their website here for more "deets" (that is what the kids are saying these days, right?) 

Second: what is a "Rye Pale Ale" anyway?  Generally, Rye-PAs are pale ales where malted rye takes the place of malted barley.  This usually results in a drier, spicier beer than most other pale ales.

And finally: the review. 


There's that beat up old picnic table... I'm sure you've missed it, I know I sure have!

I picked this bottle up at the LCBO.  A 650mL bottle ran me $6.95.  Labelled a "strong beer" its alcohol content weighs in at 6.6%.

It pours a hazy amber hue with a copper tinge with a thick, off-white head.  The lacing is thin, with little head retention. 

The nose on this screams citrus and grapefruit.  There's an undertone of pine and earthiness.

Now the taste... this is interesting.  I was expecting an alcohol burn and strong, almost overpowering rye notes.  Given it's nature and the alcohol content, that would be a fair assumption.  However, this wasn't the case.  I instead got much of the same citrus and grapefruit from the nose, and was pleasantly surprised to get an almost orangy sweetness that helped transition the citrus notes into the earthy rye finish.  These flavours are strong, bold, and very well balanced. 

The mouthfeel is great.  Little in the way of astringency.  Medium bodied.  Smooth, with an interesting blend of crisp at the start, creamy in the middle, then crisp again at the end.

Overall, this is a highly enjoyable beer.  Ideally, you'll want to pair this with a spicey dish like Mexican or Thai.  Alternatively, it'd go well with grilled salmon or other oily fish.  Take your pick, grab a bottle, and enjoy!


Thanks for reading,