Review: Dieu du Ciel! Dernière Volonté

To my excitement, I came across a four pack of this Belgian-style IPA at the LCBO recently.  Dieu du Ciel has proven time and again that they know what they're doing and because of that I've decided that I will buy any of their product that I have not yet tried.  In this case Dernière Volonté is a new one for me, so I decided to jot down my thoughts on it.  (Spoiler: I decided to have a second one immediately after the first, so that may tell you how this review ends...) 


You can pick these up in four-packs at the LCBO for about $13.  This IPA weighs in at a 7% alc./vol.

It pours a hazy golden-yellow with a thick and foamy white head.  Medium head retention, fairly thick lacing.  The haziness reminds me more of a wit than a typical IPA. 

Smell is spicey - cloves and cinnamon, specifically - with hints of fruity and floral notes. 

The flavour is strong and well-balanced.  You get some sweet fruit in the front - mostly pear and banana - mixed in with some citrus notes.  The spicey aspect from the nose quickly follows and transitions into a slightly hoppy bitter finish.  Very little in the way after aftertaste, just faint traces of the citrus, spice and hops.

This definitely has some creaminess in the mouthfeel that gives a strong mouthcoating and leaves the tongue a little dry after a while.

Overall, the Belgian side of this beer is what did it for me (the fruity notes combined with the spices.)  If anything, it's a Belgian ale first and an IPA second, which is fine by me.  You can ask any of my fellow OBC members, and they'll tell you IPAs are low on my list of favorite styles.  In the end I was really impressed with it and strongly recommend it.