Ottawa Beer Club Muskoka Tasting Recap

We recently had the priviledge of having Muskoka reps Mark and Scott host a tasting of what Muskoka has to offer.  The evening was quite incredible, not only were the beers top notch (as one would expect from these folks,) but the session was very fun.  Mark and Scott kept things light and informal, all while being informative and professional.  These two lads represent the Muskoka brand extremely well, and we were very fortunate to have them both come spend an evening with us. 

The boys brought the full line with them: Cream Ale, Craft Lager, Mad Tom, Twice as Mad Tom, Dark Ale, Summer Weiss, Legendary Oddity, Harvest Ale, and a bottle from Mark's personal stash: last year's Winter Beard.  

Nick, one of our founding members, was a gracious host.  Not only did he welcome us all into his home as he so often does, but he did an incredible job with food.  He'll downplay it if you ask him - saying that all he did was follow the food pairings listed on Muskoka's site which you can find here - but honestly, it was great.  From fine cheeses to ribs and so much in between, the food was just fantastic.

I managed to snap a few pictures, they're not the best as I'm still getting used to this new camera, but I hope you'll enjoy them nonetheless.

Mark and Scott: Thanks so much for an incredible evening, keep up the excellent work! 

Cheers and thanks for reading!