Review: Stewart Brewing - Cauld Reekie

Brewery: Stewart Brewing

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Style: "Superior Stout" (I wasn't aware that was a style of stout...)

ABV: 6.2%

Available at: LCBO (not currently on their website)

Maybe it's time to rename our blog to Ottawa Stout Reviews.  It would seem that I only ever find the time and energy to post a review on a stout.  Perhaps this'll get my writing juices flowing again and I'll be able to find that same time and energy to bring you a review on something else!  In the meantime, let's check out this new find!

This beautiful beer pours near-black with a thick, dark beige head.  Head retention is considerable, with little in terms of lacing once it dissipates.

The aroma carries faint notes of dark and milk chocolate, strong tones of freshly ground coffee and deep roasted malts, and between all that I also get what I can only describe as earth and grass.

As this sits on my tongue for a few moments, the faint notes of chocolate from the aroma become very apparent as this medium-bodied stout coats the mouth.  There's definitely more milk chocolate sweetness to this than the nose gives off.  The earth and grass scents are non-existant in the flavour.  There's also quite a  bit of cacao that blends in with coffee and grain bitterness.  This all leaves both a lingering sweetness and a clinging drying effect that seems to last well after the beer is gone.  I'm not quite sure that's the most pleasant of sensations that I've gotten from a stout.  

Overall, this stout has a complexity to it that makes it interesting.  I could do with a little less of the lingering sweet bitter notes, and a little more of the roasted malts that was promised in the aroma.  The balance just felt a little bit off... That being said, this is far from bad and definitely worth giving a shot!