Review: Dieu du Ciel! - Péché Mortel

Brewery: Dieu du Ciel!

Location: Montréal, Québec

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.5%

Available at: I specifically picked this up in a six pack at Broue Ha Ha, Gatineau

As the winter months continue to beat us into hibernation, my heart continues to seek big, boozy, malty beers to warm my body and soul.  Today's review definitely fits that profile, as I sit down to enjoy a stout from one of the heavy hitters out of Montréal, Dieu du Ciel!  These folks rarely disappoint, as can be seen in our reviews of Moralité, Dernière Volonté and one of their other stouts, Aphrodisiaque.  Let's see how Péché Mortel holds up to the hype.

This imperial stout pours a deep, dark brown - nearly black, almost looking like oil.  The head is a thin dark beige.

The first smell to come out of the glass is roasted, almost burnt, coffee beans.  There are hints of dark chocolate and a very light hop profile underneath that.  For something as high as a 9.5%, there is very little in the way of booze in the nose, allowing you to really focus in on that coffee aroma.

As I dive in, I am greeted by that big coffee flavor right up front, but it's quickly mellowed out by a malt sweetness with notes of chocolate.  The bitterness you'd expect from the coffee blends with the previously mentioned light hop bitterness quite well.  I also get hints of caramel and vanilla in there, but those flavors are very mild and melt into the background.  Again, the alcohol is rather subdued, coming in right at the end but not nearly as powerful as you would expect.  Everything here blends together quite well into a silky mouthfeel that dries out the mouth slightly, making for an incredibly complex and enjoyable stout.

Overall, Péché Mortel delivers on what I would expect both from an imperial coffee stout and from Dieu du Ciel!  Highly recommended for any stout lover!