Review: Schneider Hopfen Weisse


Brewery: Weissbierbrauerei G. Schneider & Sohn

Location: Germany

Style: Weizenbock

ABV: 8.2%

Format: 500mL Bottle

Available at: LCBO

So I have had this beer sitting in my fridge for a few months now and decided I would give it a try with my dinner as it is a whopping 8.2%.  For me being used to mostly 5% beers, it was a bit of a change and I felt I needed a bit of a food base.  

The beer poured a translucent golden color with great head retention and lacing, looking more like what one might expected from a traditional IPA.  The second glass however was nothing like the first, almost no head retention and was almost opaque due to the amount of sediment at the bottom of the bottle which I was more than mildly surprised at.  The nose of the beer came off light with hints of malt, and you could tell the hops were resting just beneath the surface lying in wait for their moment to strike.  Unlike what you might expect from a high ABV beer, there was no alcohol in the nose or flavor.  The flavor left a little to be desired, I was expecting to be stunned by the beer with complex notes of malt, hops and maybe some fruitiness; anything to give it a slightly creamier coating.  That said, the mouthfeel felt a bit watery throughout, but finished with a strong, drying hop.  

My overall impression of this beer is that it is interesting and while the beer does definitely deliver on the hops, it left me wanting just a little more. I would certainly buy it again even if just to see if the bottle is so different from top to bottom again. I would definitely recommend picking one up and trying it for yourself.

-Matt M.